Greetings and salutations!

I’m Kat Koepnick, aka The Early Bird, the word-obsessed copywriter and founder of Early Bird Writing based in Pinellas County, Florida.

One thing you should know about me off the bat… I’m a sucker for a good background story. I love knowing the where, when, and why of how things came to be.

The stories behind the story.

This relentless curiosity drives me to explore and investigate not only the world, but the people around me as well.


If want your web copy to truly make an impact, you must hire a copywriter that not only writes well, but also recognizes what people want and how they seek out their desires.


I’m excited to learn more about you and your story, but first, here’s a little bit of mine:


My Past, Your Future

My love affair with words began at a questionably early age thanks to my story-loving mother filling my crib with books. I maintain the tradition to this day by never sleeping without at least a few piled on my bedside.

This ingrained bibliophilia probably explains my lack of shame when recounting how my five-year-old self would wake up early before school and read the dictionary, always vowing to use the new word that day. An innocent hobby that still resulted in a concerned phone call home when I told my teacher I was horripilating. (Spoiler: It’s when you get little bumps on your arms from being cold, aka goose pimples, not an exotic dance move performed on a pole.)

I learned three valuable lessons that day.

  1. Words hold great power.
  2. You should never be ashamed to share your knowledge.
  3. Most people rebuke what they do not understand.

Armed with this knowledge, I’ve spent the rest of my life captivated by how people use words to convey their ideas as well as how others receive those words and make sense of them.

What good is it to use big, flashy terms or obscure phrasing when no one will understand you and you risk being misinterpreted or driving away potential customers?

That’s why you need an SEO copywriter who does more than just imitate content they found online while throwing in a few random keywords.

You need a copywriter that follows current digital marketing trends for fun (guilty!) and creates brand new content based on fastidious research and optimized for SEO.

How the Early Bird Became a Freelance Copywriter

By the time I entered the University of Florida, my wanton fling with words had morphed into a monstrous love affair. A comprehensive class on Dante and the Divine Comedy went so far as to derail my lifelong plans to become a doctor in order to write and travel the world instead.

I’ve tried my hand at a multitude of different jobs over the last 10 years from scribing for emergency room physicians and being a paralegal for a medical malpractice law firm to organizing AirBnB’s in Europe and managing a kitchen on a Cambodian island with no electricity.

The one constant amidst all these interesting journeys has been my love of reading, writing, and sharing ideas. So I’ve chosen to build my life around these fascinations and offer my beloved passion and skill set to the benefit of others, including you!

Stories give me life and I relish crafting new ones. I love helping others find their own unique narratives and then purposefully unveil them to make a lasting impression.

So let’s work together to share your distinctive story and show the world (and potential clients) what makes you extraordinary!

If you like what you see here and feel we could make a good partnership, please contact me via the form below: